What is a Yard?

A Yard is about 4 1/2 Contractor Size (6 cu. ft.) Wheelbarrows…

… Or 13 1/2 standard size (2 cu. ft.) bags of mulch

… Or 54 standard bags (.5 cu. ft.) of sand, stone or soil

… Or one full bucket of our loader (27 cu. ft.)

… When spread, it covers a 10′ x 14′ (140sqft) area at 2 inches deep or 10′ x 10′ (100sqft) area at 3 inches deep

When its delivered…

One Yard

Five yards

Ten yards

*pile size & shape will vary depending on product and delivery truck


  1. INSPECTION: Every delivery that leaves our yard gets inspected by our Dispatcher, the Delivery Driver, and the Loader Operator to ensure that customers receive the correct amount that they ordered.
  2. CERTIFICATION: Our Loader Buckets and Truck Scales are certified annually by the State of Michigan, so you can be confident that our material measurements are accurate.
  3. TRANSPARENCY: Our stores are open to the public, so customers are always invited into our yard to witness their delivery being loaded.
  4. REPUTATION: We have spent over 75 years delivering millions of cubic yards of material to thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.  Our loyal, knowledgeable staff has a combined 250+ years of experience in this industry.  We are not a fly-by-night company, we do not cut corners, and we do not compromise service & quality for a quick buck.
Order from a reputable company! Order from Main's!- J. Hackney - Hackney Services
I have always trusted Main's to deliver the correct quantities to my jobsites.- J. Sawdy - Elite Lawn & Snow
Tena took time to help me calculate how much gravel I needed for my driveway, and her estimate was spot-on!- J. Hirsch - Homeowner, Franklin