Gold Decorative Mulch


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MAIN’S Gold Deco Mulch is 100% hardwood pulp and bark that is colored-enhanced with an eco-friendly dye to give it a vibrant, long-lasting color.  We source our mulches directly from lumber mills in Northern Michigan, so it will not contain waste wood or construction debris. MAIN’S Gold Deco Mulch is the brightest gold mulch on the market and tends to last longer than non-dyed products.

aka Gold Deco Mulch, Goldwood Mulch, Gold Mulch, Gold Dyed Mulch

IMPORTANT COLOR-LOSS DISCLAIMER: Colored mulches may experience immediate color-loss if the dye hasn’t had a chance to properly cure for 24 hours prior to severe rain. DO NOT spread dyed mulches when heavy rain is in the forecast. If heavy rain is in the near forecast, we recommend postponing your order or tarping the pile in your driveway until the weather permits.  If given proper time to dry AFTER installation, Main’s Deco Mulches will generally maintain their color for 1-3 seasons.  Main’s is not responsible for color loss due to weather.  



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