Oversize Cobblestone


Prices per Rock
$ 2.00

$1.50 / 25+ rocks

Direct Shipment Prices
25-50 ton Direct Ship – Please Call
Prices Vary Based on Mileage



Michigan Oversize Cobblestones range in size from approximately a baseball to a grapefruit (4″-6″).  Customers can hand-pick certain sizes and pay per stone, or they can are available in bulk by the ton.  When buying by the ton, the variety of sizes may range from 4-6″. These Cobblestones are popular for decorative landscape beds and to border flower beds.

There are approximately 100 Stones per Ton, and each Rock weighs approximately 10-30 Pounds.

aka: Dino Eggs, Fieldstones

Description: 4″ – 6″…Round
Weight: 2000 lbs
Coverage @ 3″: 50sqft
Color: Grey/Blue/Tan
Popular Usage: Flowerbed Borders, Decorative


How Much do I need?

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0cubic Yards

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs


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