Bunker Sand


Available for Delivery Only…5 ton Minimum

Price per Ton
1 Yard = 1.3 Tons


Bag Prices
Not Available in Bags

Direct Shipment Prices
25 Ton Semi Direct Ship – As Low As $134.29
50 Ton Semi Direct Ship – As Low As $121.65

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Bunker Sand is a fine, off-white sand that is certified by the USGA for use in golf course sand traps.  It is also used for masonry projects that require a light-color grout, and it is a popular sand for beaches and sand boxes.

aka: 535 Sand, Sand Trap Sand, Golf Course Sand

Description/Spec: Fine, Off-White
Weight: 2600 lbs
Coverage @ 3″: 100sqft
Color: Creamy White


How Much do I need?

Use our quick calculator below or visit Materials Calculator for advance options

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