MAIN’S LANDSCAPE SUPPLY offers Michigan’s best selection of Premium Mulches for pickup or delivery throughout Metro-Detroit. Mulch is an affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal while preventing weeds, adding nutrients to your beds, and retaining moisture for your plants.

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All of our Mulches are sourced directly from reputable lumber mills in Northern Michigan ensuring that our Mulch has a beautiful texture, has the highest bark-content on the market, that our colors are rich & vibrant, and that our wood isn’t mixed with construction waste.

Thank you for your interest in our Premium Mulches!! Our Premium Mulches are made from virgin hardwoods from Northern Michigan lumber mills rather than ground-up pallets, waste wood, and construction debris. Because our mulch products aren’t sourced from the waste industry, our mulches will be cleaner, more-consistent, and will hold their color longer than other products. Our Decorative Mulches are color-enhanced with any eco-friendly dye to give them long-lasting, vibrant colors, however, to keep your Decorative Mulch looking its best, it’s important to abide by the following installation recommendations:

Watch the weather and Turn Off your Sprinklers! Colored mulches may experience immediate color-loss if the dye hasn’t had a chance to properly cure for 24 hours prior to severe rain or irrigation. DO NOT spread dyed mulches during rain or when rain is in the forecast. If rain is forecasted near your delivery day, we recommend postponing your order or tarping the pile in your driveway until the weather permits.

If given proper time to dry AFTER installation, Main’s Decorative Mulches will generally maintain their color for 1-3 seasons, however, Main’s cannot be responsible for potential color-loss.