Certified Playground Mulch


Price per Cubic Yard

Direct Shipment Prices
80 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $27.99
140 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $25.99

Bag Prices
On-site only: You Bag
$7.00 per 30 Gallon Garbage Bag (3.5 cuft)

2 Cubic Ft Bags: $3.99 Each…$3.79 for 10+


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MAIN’S Playground Mulch is certified by the State of Michigan for use under play-structures at day cares, school playgrounds, and city parks.  This yellow-color mulch has been shredded to provide a “spongy” base for underneath playground structures & wheelchair paths.  MAIN’S Playground Mulch is sourced from Northern Michigan lumber mills, so it is the “cleanest” playground mulch on the market and is guaranteed to not contain any construction debris, leaves, dirt or pallets.

aka Certified Playground Mulch; Safe Scape Mulch; Fibar Mulch



How Much do I need?

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