Pure Cedar Mulch


Price per Cubic Yard

Direct Shipment Prices (call to order)
80 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $32.99
140 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $30.99  

Bag Prices
On-site only: You Bag
$8.00 per 30 Gallon Garbage Bag (3.5 cuft)
2 Cubic Ft Bags: $4.49 Each…$4.29 for 10+
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PURE CEDAR…NO FILLERS! MAIN’S Pure Cedar Mulch has a golden-blonde color and a pleasant aroma and is a popular product for people that want to brighten-up their landscape beds.  MAIN’S Pure Cedar is sourced from lumber mills in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula, so it will not be mixed with fillers or construction debris.  Cedar mulch contains natural oils that help repel insects. aka Cedar Mulch   How Much do I need?

Use our quick calculator below or visit Materials Calculator for advance options [ezfc name=’Yardage – Rectangular’ /]

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