Premium Hardwood Bark


Price per Cubic Yard

Direct Shipment Prices (call to order)
80 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $25.99
140 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $23.99  

Bag Prices
2 Cubic Ft Bags: $3.99 Each…$3.79 for 10+
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DETROIT’S BEST SELLING MULCH! Don’t be fooled by imitations…this is the gold-standard for Hardwood Mulch! MAIN’S Premium Hardwood is the darkest non-dyed mulch on the market.  It contains 95% bark-content, is triple-shredded and composted for a beautiful color and texture.  It it sourced from Northern Michigan lumber mills so it will not contain any construction debris or waste wood.  MAIN’S Premium Hardwood Bark will decompose quickly over the course of the season, so it is the best product for adding nutrients to your soil, suppressing weeds and retaining moisture for your plants. aka Premium Hardwood Bark, Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark, Shredded Bark

How Much do I need?

Use our quick calculator below or visit Materials Calculator for advance options

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