Lilac Colonial Wall


1 Pallet = 1.5 Tons

Per Pound – $0.33/lb

Direct Shipment Prices
18 Pallet Direct Ship – Please Call
Prices Vary Based on Mileage
Customer Must Have Forklift On-Site



Lilac Colonial is a cost-effective wallstone that will beautify your landscape.  It is quarried in Pennsylvania and is available in a beautiful Burgundy color.  This product generally has some smaller pieces and a large variation of thickness, so it is generally recommend for Walls rather than Patios or Walkways.

aka: Red Colonial

Thickness: 1/2″ – 6″
Weight per Pallet: 3000 lbs (1.5 tons)
Coverage per Ton: 20 Sq Face Ft
Color: Lilac/Burgundy/Bordeux

Please Note: All natural stone products may vary in color, size & texture, and pallets may include a small amount of un-useable pieces. Refunds are not available on natural stone products, therefore, we recommend that customers visually inspect the product before delivery. Thanks!

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