Pennsylvania Cut Bluestone (Full-Color)


Sold by the Square Foot

Direct Shipment Prices
16 Pallet Direct Ship – Please Call
Prices Vary Based on Mileage
Customer Must Have Forklift On-Site


“Bluestone” is the generic name for flagstone that is quarried in the Pennsylvania & New York, cut into squares and rectangles, and offers a “formal” look for patios and walkways.  Despite the name, Bluestone comes in two colors…”Blue-Blue” and “Full-Range.”  “Blue-Blue” refers to stones that are more uniformly Blue in color, while “Full-Range” will have a blend of Greens, Blues, Tans, and Rust.  Blustone also comes in two types of finishes…”Natural Cleft” and “Thermal.”  “Natural Cleft” will have imperfections and ridges on the surface.  Thermal Finish is when the quarry uses torches to smooth-out the surface of the stone to eliminate imperfections.  Due to the climate in Michigan, we only recommend Bluestone that is approximately 1 1/2″ thick.

aka: New York Blue Stone, Pennsylvania Blue Stone, Thermal Bluestone, Bluestone, Blue Stone

Thickness: 1 1/2″ Nominal
Square Ft per Pallet: Varies
Available Sizes: 1′x1′, 1′x2′, 2′x2′, Misc
Color/Texture: Full-Range…Natural Cleft

Please Note: All natural stone products may vary in color, size & texture, and pallets may include a small amount of un-useable pieces. Refunds are not available on natural stone products, therefore, we recommend that customers visually inspect the product before delivery. Thanks!

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