Compost Soil


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30 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $35.99
60 yard Direct Ship – As Low As $31.99


MAIN’S Compost Soil is a rich, dark brown soil that is great for adding nutrients to your flower beds and vegetable gardens.  It is made up of all organic materials and is composted for 1 – 3 years to help reduce weed seeds and pathogens.

As with all of our bulk soils, it has been screened to reduce debris like rocks, roots & sticks, however, the screening process does not eliminate potential weed seeds.  Compost is a recycled product that diverts organic waste away from landfills and turns it into a usable garden soil.  Because it is recycled, it may commonly contain small pieces of plastic that may pass through the screening process.  This is an unpreventable inconvenience, but it does not affect the overall nutrition or quality of the soil.

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