Large Crushed Granite


Price Per Ton

1 Ton = .72 Yds

Bag Prices
$6.49 per .5 CuFt Bag (50#)
$5.99 for 60+ Bags

Direct Shipment Prices
50 Ton Train Direct Ship – As Low As $47.29


This Large Crushed Granite is multi-color and is most popular for driveways.  Because it is crushed, it tends to perform better than round gravel in driveway applications.  It is more decorative than limestone and crushed concrete aggregates because it is more colorful.

aka: Crushed Gravel, Driveway Gravel, Walkway Gravel, 3A Gravel

Description: 1/2″ – 3/4″…Crushed
Weight: 2800 lbs
Coverage @ 3″: 100sqft
Color: Grey/Blue/Tan


How Much do I need?

Use our quick calculator below or visit Materials Calculator for advance options

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