Price per Ton
1-3 Tons Delivered or Supersack – $229.00
3-39 Tons Delivered – $209.00
1 Ton = .91 Yards (1yd is smaller than a ton)

Direct Shipment Prices
40+ Ton Direct Ship As Low As $171.38/Ton
Prices Vary Based on Mileage


This Baked Clay is a larger, more coarse version of our Sport Clay, and is best used along baseball warning tracks and infield-to-outfield transitions.  Its coarse texture allow players to “feel” the change in turf as they are approaching the wall or outfield grass.  MAIN’S delivers this product throughout the entire State of Michigan for anyone that is building a new field or refurbishing an existing field.  This product is used at professional baseball fields throughout the Midwest.

aka: Warning Track Clay, Infield Clay, Baseball Clay, Red Clay

Weight per Yard: 2250 lbs
Coverage per Ton @ 2″: 120 sqft
Color: Red/Orange
Popular Usage: Baseball Field Warning Tracks


How Much do I need?

Use our quick calculator below or visit Materials Calculator for advance options

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