Canadian Caramel Guillotine Dry Wall


1 Pallet = 2 Tons


Direct Shipment Prices
18 Pallet Direct Ship – Please Call
Prices Vary Based on Mileage
Customer Must Have Forklift On-Site



Canadian Caramel is a cost-effective wallstone that will generally match any landscape.  It is quarried in Ontario and tends to range in color from Creamy Tan to Minty Grey.  It is available in Wallstone, Flagstone, Outcroppings, and Boulders.

aka: Canadien Caramel Hand Stack

Thickness: 5″ – 7″
Weight per Pallet: 4000 lbs (2 tons)
Coverage per Ton: 20 Sq Face Ft
Color: Tan/Cream/Grey/Mint

Please Note: All natural stone products may vary in color, size & texture, and pallets may include a small amount of un-useable pieces. Refunds are not available on natural stone products, therefore, we recommend that customers visually inspect the product before delivery. Thanks!

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