Michigan Boulders 8″-12″


Per Stone $4.00

25+ Rocks Per Pound…$0.17

Direct Shipment Prices
25-50 ton Direct Ship – Please Call
Prices Vary Based on Mileage


Michigan Fieldstone Boulders range in size from about 8″ up to 1′.  Customers generally like to pick out boulders for their specific project, so we recommend that you visit our Southfield location to see our selection.  These boulders are great for building retaining walls, bordering flower beds and lining your driveway.

aka: Fieldstone Boulders, Boulders

Description: 8″ – 1′
Approx. Weights: 30lbs/stone
Color: Grey/Blue/Tan
Popular Usage: Retaining Walls, Flowerbed Borders, Decorative

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