Contractor Mix


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$74.16 per 25# Bag

$130.88 per 50# Bag [ezfc name=’grass seed’ /]


BEST SELLER!! This premium blend of Grass Seed creates a Deep-Rooted, Drought-Resistent, Low Maintenance turf that performs well in high traffic areas like football, soccer, and baseball fields.  This Blend is sometimes referred to as our “Athletic Mix.”  Grass Seed “Blends” help your lawn develop a stronger turf that is more resistant to insects, fungus and droughts.

Germination: 6-30 Days
Life Span: Indefinitely
Coverage: 200 sqft per Lb

30% Forte Tall Fescue
20% Morningstar Per. Rye
20% Annual Rye
15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
15% Kentucky Bluegrass

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